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I will now draw characters from ASOIAF

I find it incredibly difficult not to sum up my feelings on this series and its characters in a shitty, lazy manner. Things such as:

>implying Theon isn’t the most interesting character

>implying Jamie isn’t a bro

>that based Oberyn

>I hope Dany never gets to Westeros

The great thing about stories is that the people in them don’t need to be morally good to be interesting or great even. I may not have read everything ever, but I feel ASOIAF exemplifies this the most. There are literally hundreds of characters and yet I don’t find a single one ‘poorly written’. I tend to find each one the center of my obsession whenever they have page/screen time. Of course, there are ones that stick out. Like Theon, or Jamie, or Euron. 

Actually, I don’t like Mance. Fuck Mance.

Seeing as I’m so super good at art stuff I thought I’d start drawing what I imagined each character to look like. And for some reason, I always pictured Stannis looking as if he were from Asian descent. But no, those aren’t his eyes. He’s just squinting. 

So without further ado, here’s entry #1:

Stannis the Mannis (Stannis Baratheon)

More Band Interviews

For those interested, today in the office we interviewed a band known as We Are the In Crowd. As I’ve only listened to a few of their songs, I can’t claim to be a fan, but they are without a doubt my favorite band we have interviewed thus far. They were relaxed, talkative, and an overall riot. We even took some pictures of all of us shake-weighting.

I may upload them tomorrow along with some miscellaneous pictures from today seeing as the day was a doozy.  

Tumblr Update

Liking the new icons~ 

Very cute 



Oh look, Jon Stewart. Hay boo haaay.


If I have to spend eternity with people like this, I’ll have a drink with the devil.

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SIOBHAN!!! SIOBHAN, quick show James! View high resolution



SIOBHAN!!! SIOBHAN, quick show James!

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Harry & Oscars: A Rant

I’ve had it up to about fucking HERE 











With people complaining about the Harry Potter franchise not winning an Oscar—and most specifically, the best picture award.

This is just one man’s opinion, and I’m as big a Potter fan as any—having, like many of you, grown up throughout the majority of my tens and teens looking forward to the next book—but really?

Are you guys serious? 

Not a single one was worthy of “best picture”. Special effects? Sure. Art Direction? Okay. Make up? Okay.

But listening to countless people crying that it got “snubbed”? It’s almost unbearable. I get it, you hold the series dear—and so do I. But the books are the crux of the franchise, not the films. The movies in question are series of eight films that, in the end, have minimal coherency due to a constant changing of directors and content cut that in the end have many I know, having not read the books, saying “what the dick?”

It’s not the fault of the directors or anyone else on the crew/cast, it’s simply due to a capitalistic move, the wealth of the source material and the fact that the movies were being made while the books were being released. 

People can say what they want for the reason behind it’s “snubbing”—whether they say it’s because it’s a fantasy, or because it’s based on a novel, or because it’s not American. I’ve heard it all. But these same people seem to forget that a film made by a largely French cast and crew swept the Oscars last night. More to the point, the Lord of the Rings series absolutely dominated the Oscars during its time. But isn’t that a fantasy film based on a book that wasn’t made in America or by an American crew?

And then there’s those saying with thinly-veiled sarcasm, “wow, Hugo must have been really good because I’ve never even heard of that trash.” Better yet, “I can’t believe The Iron Lady won. I wouldn’t even bother seeing it.” But in all fairness, these complaints are hardly worth the acknowledgement except to further prove that a majority of these groans are stemming from sources that aren’t thinking before they speak.

So, in the end, most are arguing that Harry Potter should have won an Oscar because they like it and it made a lot of money. Yup.

But Annalise, I can still see your pockets. View high resolution

But Annalise, I can still see your pockets.

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